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Re: cp command - problem with sparse [sparse file support under NTFS (Win2k)]

On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 05:18:29PM +0000, Eric Blake wrote:
> You should still reply and attach the cygcheck -svr output, per 
>, so we can verify if your reported problem 
> stems from using the wrong version of cygwin or coreutils.

Oh, dear.  He gave away a reason we ask for cygcheck output: that we
don't trust people to have the version they think (and say) they do.

It's really important to keep people in the dark on this, so they just
follow orders, and don't try to say they already gave all the
necessary information.  Is there a way to expunge this message from
the archives?

Here are some suggestions for variant phrasing of the uncompromising
demand, for those who get bored with the same old same old.

   Please send cygcheck output *as an attachment* as requested in yada yada.

   Before we can help you, we need to see some information about your
system's internal health.  See yada yada.

   I give up.  No ****ing idea what the problem could be.  The only
chance you have (and it's a very small one) is to carefully follow the
instructions in yada yada.

   Thanks for your report.  We've assembled a crack team of problem
solvers to deal with it.  As a preliminary measure, they ask that you
1) make sure your computer's power suppy is connected to a standard
electrical outlet using a length of insulated wire (hereafter,
"cord"), and 2) send output from cygcheck -srv yada yada.

Other suggestions?

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