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Re: pthreads and cygwin

Christopher Faylor <cgf-no-personal-reply-please <at>> writes:

> On Thu, Jan 27, 2005 at 06:13:01PM +0000, Matthew Ulrich wrote:


> I'm very curious.
> Why are you sending a technical question here?  What in the description
> of this mailing list gave you the impression that this was a good place
> for this type of question?  I'd like to correct the wording so that people
> will know to ask this kind of question in the proper mailing list.
> --
> Christopher Faylor			spammer? ->	aaaspam <at>
> Cygwin Co-Project Leader				aaaspam <at>
> TimeSys, Inc.

>From the page that directed me here, I see the following groups:

cygwin (base in the heirarchy)
apps (unidirectional)
cvs (ro)
cvs.apps (ro)

On a secondary glance, perhaps it was more appropriate to place this question in
the base gmane.os.cygwin group.  On my initial look through these lists, my
question fit into none of the other highly specific groups, so I thought that
posting to this "discuss just about anything" group would be benign.
I seem to have missed the "tangentially related to Cygwin" on the first pass.
Is there a more appropriate place for this question?
Thanks - have a good one.

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