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Re: cygwin bughunt (FAQ alert?)

On Wed, Jan 26, 2005 at 08:16:37PM -0800, Brian Dessent wrote:
>Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
>>Fixed.  By the way, does anyone know exactly what Devel packages are
>>required to build Cygwin?  I used to just think "install everything"
>>but now there's a lot of new X or GNOME related stuff.  I know I've got
>>more than I need installed, but I'm thinking that would be useful
>>information for the FAQ and/or a README in CVS.
>> binutils
>> gcc
>> make
>> gettext-devel
>> ??
>I was actually a little curious about this, so I did a little
>experiment.  I sequestered away my normal Cygwin installation and
>started with a fresh install.  Aside from the default "base" packages
>that setup.exe intstalls out of the gate, I found that I only had to
>actually select three packages in setup: gcc, make, and perl.  (and Perl
>was required only for gendef it seems.)

Well, that's it then.

This is all WAY too complicated.

How can we possibly expect people to do in-depth debugging of problems
in the DLL if we require them to have gcc, make, and perl on their
systems?  We can't expect people to be *perl hackers* if they want to
build cygwin.  Just the perl requirement alone would mean that they'd
waste months learning perl.


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