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Re: Problem running cygrunsrv with non SYSTEM accounts

TITTTLed for now.

On Tue, 18 Jan 2005, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> On Jan 18 10:01, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > Ugh, top-posting...  Also, <>.
> > Thanks.
> What about adding the "TOFU" acronym for these purposes?  Otherwise
> you're missing to critizise the fullquote.
> For the acronym TOFU see

I think this is a pun on "everybody hates tofu"...  But I *like* tofu (the
food kind, not the quoting kind). :-D

> For basic netiquette in mailing lists, see
> , chapter 3.1.1, especially this
> paragraph:
>  "If you are sending a reply to a message or a posting be sure you
>   summarize the original at the top of the message, or include just
>   enough text of the original to give a context. This will make sure
>   readers understand when they start to read your response. [...]
>   Giving context helps everyone. But do not include the entire original!"

Well, I haven't used the above nearly enough to justify an acronym...  And
if we did have one, why not something like TIANTOFUL ("this is a no-TOFU
list")? ;-)  Or even IASBYMS ("I am sorry, but your mailer sucks"), to
include both this and PCYMTNQREAIYR?
In any case, I don't mind adding an acronym entry with links to the above
(and <>, for that matter), if people agree on what
it should say.
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