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RE: fortune bible

Fred Kulack wrote:
> How about Project Gutenberg?

I thought about that. I know there are plenty of bibles
in the public domain, such as the King James (i.e., KJV),
which is what's used in fortune-bible at sourceforge.

Do you know if any of these are "Catholic" bibles? The
main difference is the presence of the Apocrypha, which
were relocated in the original KJV and mostly removed in
later versions, I think.

What I'd really like is a bible that matches the readings
used in the Roman Catholic churches that I attend/have
attended, but AFAICT this doesn't actually exist. There
have been 3 English versions authorized for readings in
mass--the RSV, the NAB, and the NJB--although the church
has a revised version of the NAB that is mostly used at
this point. As I understand it, the church in Rome took
the stance that the bishops in America went a bit too
far de-genderizing the verses. I guess it mostly depends
on how you do it--I don't know why anybody would think
that "my people" is a good replacement for "my brothers",
for instance.


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