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Re: fortune maintainer wanted and question for Corinna (was Re: Obscene content in cygwin file.)

Brian Dessent wrote:
What the hell is some other employee doing snooping around your computer
to view these files?!? To me *that's* a hostile work environment created
by the snooping employee!

I don't really think employers would be searching for naughty fortune
files per se... However, workplace harassment is a big deal to large

Actually, since an individual PC at my company usually has several sequential owners (mine gets replaced with a brand new one, so the technician down the hall inherits mine, and her computer goes to the secretary, on down the line).

Now, personal (work-related, OF course) data is stored on the server. But "rogue" cygwin installations are on the machine's harddrive. So, either I *remember* to wipe it -- or just fortune -- or Suzy Technician gets "my" computer WITH fortune's, er, offcolor, portions. And she goes traipsing in C:\cygwin\usr\share\fortune\ (wonder what this is?) and goes all puritanical on my butt.

And she'd have a halfway-decent legal case, too.

That would not be good for me, nor for my company.

Again, NOT a big deal -- I just remove fortune. I'm not offended, nor upset. But there are some things that you just don't do, in today's legal environment. Even if it is silly.

Remember McDonald's new warning label? "Coffee may be hot".


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