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RE: Obscene content in cygwin file.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Brian Bruns
> Sent: 07 January 2005 06:23

> > Personally, I thought that them doing this was a sign of a more
> > innocent time, where we didn't have to worry about every single
> > word that came out of our mouth (or keyboard).
> >
> > Seriously guy, your type is one of the primary reasons why the
> > internet is getting - its not quite there yet, but getting - to be
> > *no fun*.
> > It was built on freedom and free-thinking, and the very fact that
> > this conversation is taking place is a testimony to how bitter it
> > has become.
> >
> <rant>
> I tend to agree with you on that.  I was on the internet since the
> middle 90s, and even then, you could start to see new
> people/businesses forcing their own views on the rest of the Internet,
> that had been there long before them, and continue to be there long
> after they are bankrupt/dead/gone/kaput.

> Its like going into a NOC with a bunch of sysadmins/sysops/netadmins
> and expecting them to keep the language clean.  It just aint gonna
> happen.  Its the culture, and its accepted within this culture too.

  Cygwin:  We put the 'fun' back in 'malfunction'!

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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