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Re: LoadLibrary error 487 (was Re: Please test latest developer snapshot)

On Mar  1 21:42, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Mar  1 18:53, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > My brain is a bit fuzzy in terms of remembering this stuff.  Did we ever
> > discussed to use a waitable timer?  This only requires ntdll functions.
> > I think this is how winmm implements timeGetTime.
> Or we implement timeGetTime ourselves.  Since we don't need the actual
> value (msecs since system startup), we can simply use the core code of
> the function.  In C it would look like this:
>   timeGetTime_coreloop ()
>   {
>     do
>       {
> 	t.HighPart = SharedUserData.InterruptTime.High1Time;
> 	t.LowPart = SharedUserData.InterruptTime.LowPart;
>       }
>     while (t.HighPart != SharedUserData.InterruptTime.High2Time);
>     t.QuadPart /= 10000;
>     return t.LowPart;
>   }
> The rest of the (very short) timeGetTime function just subtracts and
> adds some constant values to t before returning its LowPart.

...which obviously also means that timeGetTime() is not implemented
using a waitable timer.

> timeEndPeriod and timeBeginPeriod could be replaced with calls to
> NtSetTimerResolution.


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