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Re: [ITP] libsass v3.3.6

Marcos Vives Del Sol writes:
> 2016-06-08 7:46 GMT+02:00 Achim Gratz:
>> They didn't forget anything, you are just not using a release tarball.
>> In that case you are expected to either build from a proper Git checkout
>> or run the release preparations yourself before configure.
> I am compiling a release tarball, as I've already said:
> That's the
> official tarball.

I've looked at their Makefile and documentation and it appears that
upstream don't do any preparation of any sorts for a release.  The
"release tarballs" are just snapshots for the release tag that don't
contain the extra file(s) that would actually be required based on the
rules in configure and the Makefile.

> Anything else to fix before it's GTG?

You might want to consider building from a Git checkout instead of the
tarball.  It seems that this is the recommended way to build and the
other build venues are obviously more or less untested these days.

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