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Re: [ACTION REQUIRED] ARCH=noarch uploads with cygport 0.22.0

On 07/06/2016 23:44, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
On 2016-06-07 06:23, Marco Atzeri wrote:
mex are recognized and properly stripped

Package Name  | Version | Installation directory
         tsa  |   4.4.1 | .../inst/usr/share/octave/packages/tsa-4.4.1
Fixing symlinks:
Stripping executables:



but dependency are not catched. They should be:

$ cyg-dependency ./covm_mex.mex
/usr/bin/cygwin1.dll  =>  cygwin-2.5.1-1
/usr/bin/cyggomp-1.dll  =>  libgomp1-5.3.0-5
/usr/bin/cygoctinterp-3.dll  =>  octave-4.0.1-1

bit cygport only reports the forced one

Which should be removable...

yes, it is there by default to catch the noarch package

octave-tsa requires:  octave

That's not what I'm seeing locally:

octave-tsa requires: cygwin libgomp1 octave octave

Are you compiling this natively?

 x86_64 for x86_64

BTW, on my system, pkg build actually creates
NAME-VERSION-ARCH-API.tar.gz instead of just NAME-VERSION.tar.gz as in
the .cygport file, which necessitates a change to pkg install.  Am I
missing something here?

in the build directory, it is correct

$ find octave-tsa-4.4.1-1.x86_64/build/ -type f

it is the result of a change in octave dev that I backported
for other reason on 4.0.2.
I should check if the API portion was intentional or it is
a mistake.

Attached the modified cygport file to handle the new situation.
Now also cygport check is implemented.


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