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new package proposal: suite3270

Hi All!

I've create packages for Paul Mattes's 3270 emulator suite.  These are
terminal emulators for accessing mainframe systems.  This suite is
popular with a lot of mainframers who use unix workstations, and since I
use Cygwin so much, as well as mainframes, I thought it worth while to
build it under Cygwin.  I build this for our unix systems at work
already, so I'm willing to be the maintainer for Cygwin (otherwise I
wouldn't have put so much effort into creating a build process 8-P).

The source is organized such that there are 5 individual products, all
grouped together (all of which are a variation on a theme):
   c3270, pr3287, s3270, tcl3270 and x3270

To that end, I've packaged each product in an individual package with a
common dependent package (suite3270-common) containing things which are
common to all the individual packages, and a super package (suite3270)
which pulls them all together, for a total of 7 packages.  This way, a
user can install just the emulator(s) they want, or all of them.  The
source is actually kept with the super package and everything is built
from it.  This helps maintain the spirit of the original source

All have been built with cygwin 1.5.4.

Here are the setup.hint files:

Here are the source and binary packages:

BTW, as I said above, the source is kept in one package
(suite3270-3.2.20-1-src.tar.bz2), from which all of the other packages
are build.  I've specified in each of the setup.hint files (but not the
super package) that they refer to an external package for their source.
Hopefully I got this right (tried to follow the Cygwin guidelines on
this), but it could still be wrong.  Please correct me where needed.

My website contains info on the Cygwin packages I maintain:

Oh, and just so there isn't any confusion: cgf: this is *not* an editor :-)

Peter A. Castro <> or <>
	"Cats are just autistic Dogs" -- Dr. Tony Attwood

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