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[PATCH] setup.exe: Do not uninstall a package if crc error isdetected.


Currently setup verifies package hashes to late in the installation 
process (install_one_source). Due to this fact, problems may arise.
If the user is upgrading a package and this package fails the hash 
verification the previous version will be uninstalled.

This patch tries to workaround this problem. The patch also delays a bit
the creation of /etc/setup/pkgname.lst.gz file. This helps setup,
to not create an empty listing file, if an error occures during the 
opening of the package file.


2003-02-16  Pavel Tsekov  <>

	* (install_one_source): Remove the MD5 verification 
	Delay the creation of the package listing file.
	(do_install_thread): Check the hashes for packages which need 
	to be installed before the uninstall step. Allow the user to
	skip over packages, which fail the hash verification.
	(md5_one): Define new function.
	* res.rc (IDS_SKIP_PACKAGE): New string resource.
	* resource.h (IDS_SKIP_PACKAG): New macro definition.

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