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Re[4]: [PATCH] Re: Setup.exe crashing under Windows NT 4.0 SP6

Hello Robert,

Thursday, July 04, 2002, 9:54:23 AM, you wrote:

RC> ----- Original Message -----
RC> From: "Pavel Tsekov" <>
RC> To: "Robert Collins" <>
RC> Cc: <>
RC> Sent: Thursday, July 04, 2002 5:11 PM
RC> Subject: Re[2]: [PATCH] Re: Setup.exe crashing under Windows NT
RC> 4.0 SP6

>> RC> I've applied this to HEAD and 2002-07. This evening I'll get 2002-06
RC> done
>> RC> and release a new setup.exe
>> Robert, have you checked the other two patches I've sent to
>> cygwin-apps ? I think that at least the one for or a
RC> modified
>> version of it should be checked in before a new setup.exe is released.

RC> Not yet :[. I've already released an updated setup.exe, as that change was
RC> quite isolated.

Without that patch, there is a great chance that setup.exe would crash
when doing an install of a big number of packages (i.e. clean
install). I can confirm this myself, since yesterday I've tried many
times to do a clean install and without the patch it crashed for me
every time.

Btw the patch is really very small.

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