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Re: AVR32 support in crosstool-ng

On 4/29/2013 2:49 PM, Martin Guy wrote:
On 29 April 2013 20:29, Joel Sherrill <> wrote:
Why doesn't Atmel submit their patches upstream?
They would never be accepted as long as they make modifications to
cpu-agnostic portions of GCC.

But it speaks poorly of the port if they did that and didn't try
to find a way to address it. :)
As an embedded FOSS community, we need to be encouraging
vendors.. prodding them.. to submit their tools upstream.
Absolutely. After all, chip vendors make their money by selling
silicon, not compilers.
But it's not only a technical issue. The GCC maintainers also need to
believe that the port will continue to be maintained, tested, the code
updated to new versions of GCC, that bugs found will be fixed and so
on, i.e. a commitment from the vendor to help with to the ongoing work
of software maintenance.
I understand completely. I am the GCC RTEMS maintainer.

OTOH I wonder why a chip vendor would be opposed to this. Wouldn't they
want an improving rather than dead end compiler?[1] And yes sometimes they
pay someone to do the port and not to update it. So they don't have
in-house expertise and there is no long plan to support it except maybe to
pay the consultant again per bug.

As a community, we just aren't doing a good job of selling the idea that
merging and maintaining benefits both sides. It has to be cheaper to keep
it up to date and tested versus jumping 4 or 5 major gcc versions. But it is
cheaper to do the port, throw it to users and walk away.

Sorry for the rant. I have managed to prod behind the scenes and get a
couple of ports merged into the FSF. One was easy. One has been taken
over two years and is just now getting merged.  I just get frustrated when
I see other targets out in the cold.

[1] Both the msp430 and avr32 are based on gcc versions which are in the
4.3/4.4 version range. Those are dead. 4.6 was just closed.

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