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Re: (Almost) Success story with crosstool for WRT54G


Alain Perry wrote:
This mail to report that thanks to Dan's tips and to crosstool, I was
almost able to build a WRT54G firmware on a non-x86 platform.
I had to tune the script, and to create a .dat file
consistent with versions of binutils, glibc and gcc used by Linksys, and
once the toolchain was built, I was easily able to build uClibc and
every software piece needed for the firmware.
However, it looks like it isn't possible to build a firmware for the
moment since both methods to package it (without or with the root fs in
initrd) use a proprietary x86 binary tool from Linksys (trx or
addpattern depending on the method chosen). For those interested I have
already contacted Linksys on that subject, but haven't received any
answer yet.

Would you like to share your tunings and .dat files with us? This is very nice platform to experiment on.



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