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Re: crosstool-0.28-rc16: compiling linux-2.6.6 on Mac OS X

Martin Schaffner wrote:
Today I sucessfully tested crosstool-0.28-rc16 with the following command:

export TARBALLS_DIR=/Volumes/ext/src/ RESULT_TOP=/opt/crosstool GCC_LANGUAGES="c,c++"; eval `cat powerpc-750.dat gcc-3.4.0-glibc-2.3.2.dat` LINUX_DIR=linux-2.6.6 BINUTILS_DIR=binutils- sh --notest

I set BINUTILS_DIR to an old version because of the following issue when compiling linux:

Maybe crosstool should contain a patch against this problem?

I guess I could include for binutils-2.15. Hrmph. Does that work for you?

I had to apply the following patch to linux-2.6.6 for it to compile on Mac OS X.
Unfortunately, it is quite OS X-specific, so I won't even try to get it
included into the official tree...

bleah! (Say, did you come up with that patch, or is it floating around on the linux-ppc mailing list?) - Dan

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