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Re: ColdFire tweaked gcc available for download

>What I am wondering, is whether I should be moving on from 2.95.3, and if
>so, to what?  As far as I understand it, the patches add two things to the
>basic gcc 2.95.3 - better code generation for the ColdFire, and the
>"interrupt" attribute for C-level interrupt functions.  Does this new
>version of gcc-3.0.4 improve on this?  If so, then presumably this is the
>most sensible choice for a compiler for the ColdFire.  Does it support the
>"interrupt" patches?  And how does it compare to newer versions of the main
>gcc tree?  There have been a number of general improvements (such as compile
>speed, and various language extensions) in gcc since 2.95.3, but have there
>been any changes to the code generation for the m68k family?  And are these
>changes going to be incorperated into the main gcc tree, or are they always
>going to be patches?

All I can suggest is that you pull down my tools, build them, and try
them on your code.  If it works (and runs faster), switch.  If not,
stay where you are.

The sources I've put up do indeed support the interrupt attribute.

My version is gcc-3.0.4, a few release sets behind the main tree which
is about to branch into gcc-3.3, so I'm sure its not as good as the
latest tree.  I'm trying to drag my changes forward, but I don't have
all that much spare time to do that.  I'd love to solicit volunteers
to help.

I want to get these changes into the main tree; but first it needs a
lot of testing so everyone knows it works well before I send a *huge*
patch to the gcc-patches mailing list.

If not, at least the patches will be more up to date and apply easier to
the gcc tree than the set that is for gcc-2.95.3.

I think you are right in thinking that the majority of m68k gcc usage
is to cross compile.

Peter Barada                                   Peter dot Barada at motorola dot com
Wizard                                         781-852-2768 (direct)
WaveMark Solutions(wholly owned by Motorola)   781-270-0193 (fax)

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