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Re: cgen fundamentals

> Hi David.  Welcome.


> CGEN is a framework, in which CGEN applications run.  There are a
> handful of these now: an opcodes table generator, a simulator kernel
> generator, and so on.  If you just want to port binutils, you need
> only concern yourself with generating the opcodes/* files.  The GNU
> binutils "opcodes" directory has Makefile fragments for other ports
> (like fr30) that can be duplicated almost verbatim.  These Makefile
> fragment are responsible for running CGEN for you and depositing the
> output files in the opcodes/ source directory.  I would suggest you
> focus on writing your CPU description first and then work out how to
> run it from opcodes/Makefile.
> Please feel free to ask more questions on this otherwise quiet list!

Oh, I will.  Don't worry... :)

So, basically, I define my own .cpu file and add a new target to the 
binutils/opcodes Makefile (that'll use cgen in conjunction with my .cpu 
file), correct?  After I get cgen to properly generate files for 
binutils/opcodes, I'll need to write my own cpu-???.* and elf32-???.* files 
for the binutils/bfd, right?

What else will I need to do to get an assembler up and running?



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