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[committed] MIPS/include: opcode/mips.h: Correct INSN_CHIP_MASK

Complement commit e407c74b5b60 ("Support for MIPS R5900 (Sony Playstation
2)"), <>, and
commit 2c62985659da ("MIPS: Add Octeon 3 support") and update the chip 
mask accordingly.

	* opcode/mips.h (INSN_CHIP_MASK): Update according to bit use.
 The chip mask is not (anymore) used anywhere, which is likely why this 
update has been missed twice already, and which probably also means the 
macro can be removed altogether.  Right now we have a (historical) mess
with these bits, so let's keep the macro for the time being and wait for 
a further overall clean-up which I'll try to make soon.


Index: binutils/include/opcode/mips.h
--- binutils.orig/include/opcode/mips.h	2016-11-29 03:07:07.749218459 +0000
+++ binutils/include/opcode/mips.h	2016-11-29 03:08:18.355775918 +0000
@@ -1194,7 +1194,7 @@ static const unsigned int mips_isa_table
 #undef ISAF
 /* Masks used for Chip specific instructions.  */
-#define INSN_CHIP_MASK		  0xc3ff0f20
+#define INSN_CHIP_MASK		  0xc3ff4f60
 /* Cavium Networks Octeon instructions.  */
 #define INSN_OCTEON		  0x00000800

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