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Re: Require GNU make to build binutils-gdb

On 2016-11-17 15:06, Mike Frysinger wrote:
In the eventuality this proposition is accepted, should we have a check in the top-level Makefile that warns the user early if their version of
make is not supported?

seems like it should be adopted by gcc first ?

I am not sure how the management of the top-level files work, so I'll let others respond.

But as Andreas Schwab mentioned in our earlier discussions, there is already such a check for gcc:

  @if gcc
ifeq (,$(.VARIABLES)) # The variable .VARIABLES, new with 3.80, is never empty.
  $(error GNU make version 3.80 or newer is required.)
  @endif gcc

Since we don't have a particular reason to want 3.81 over 3.80, we could just re-use this check (make it unconditional), if that makes it easier.

for sim/, i have no problem having it follow gdb, although i was planning
on converting it to automake ...

I think that's a good thing then, automake probably plays better with GNU make than other makes.

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