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Re: Some RISC-V Post-Merge Cleanup

On 01/11/16 21:43, Palmer Dabbelt wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who helped us get our port upstream.  We're still cleaning
> things up on our end, but I have a few small patches to submit here.  The
> MAINTAINERS patch was suggested during upstreaming and isn't very interesting.
> Andrew recently went and cleaned up the floating point support in GCC and GAS
> on RISC-V so now we can support the Q (128-bit floating point) extension
> cleanly.  This does break stuff, but since the port has only been live since
> this morning hopefully it's all OK :).
> There will probably have to be a few more things like this that come up over
> the next month or so as people start using the port and finding various issues
> in it.  With these patches we can move our toolchain repo (which builds our GCC
> and glibc ports) to use binutils-gdb/master so hopefully these sorts of issues
> will get ironed out quickly.

is there some specification about the pcs/elf/sysv abi?

i thought risc-v was an open project but i cannot find related
discussions archived.

(in particular i'd like to see the reasoning behind the tls abi)

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