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Re: [PATCH, RFC] Add support for choosing disassembler cpu in GDB for POWER.

On 10/27/2016 01:04 AM, Peter Bergner wrote:
> On 10/12/16 3:25 AM, Ulrich Weigand wrote:
>> A platform-independent set_disassemble_options() (or whatever it is
>> called) command should probably reside in disasm.c, and be installed
>> via (a newly added) _initialize_disasm initializer routine there.
>> To get at the current gdbarch, you can use get_current_arch ().  This
>> function should be rarely used, but the one place where it *is* fine
>> is exactly in top-level command implementation routines.
> Done.
>> Another option might be to refactor the way disassembler options
>> output is done in opcodes, e.g. by having platform-specific code
>> only provide an array of tuples of option names and explanatory
>> strings, and move the actual printing to common code.  Then those
>> arrays could be exported to and reused by GDB.  (In particular,
>> there's really no way to do a completer without such information.)
> How about what I implemented below?

Thanks much.

I couldn't quite get why you need so much power specific parsing
code in ppc-tdep.c, though.  What would be necessary to be able to
move most of that set/show handling to the common code?

I also wonder if you really want to stick with
"set powerpc disassembler <cpu>" instead of
"set powerpc disassembler-options <options>".

I.e., I wonder about making the power one defined exactly like:

 "like 'set disassembler-options', but sets power disassembler
  options even if the current arch is not power."

> On 10/12/16 2:35 PM, Pedro Alves wrote:
>> On 10/11/2016 07:48 PM, Peter Bergner wrote:
>>> I'm fine going with whatever option name people prefer.  If you want
>>> "disassembler-options" instead of just "disassembler", ok, but shouldn't
>>> ARM be renamed then as well if it uses this mechanism?
>> I think so.  That wouldn't break anyone's scripts, since "disassembler" 
>> is an unambiguous prefix of "disassembler-options", and thus gdb
>> would still accept "disassembler".

> I had a look at ARM's use of "set disassembler".  It isnt' what I thought
> it was.  ARM doesn't have a way to change its disassembler cpu (ala -mcpu=...
> gas option) anymore than ppc couldn't before this patch.  What ARM's
> "set disassembler" is setting is the disassembly style, which I think
> is similar to x86's "set disassembly-flavor" command.  When you said
> that ARM could use this, were you speaking about adding new support
> for changing the disassembler cpu like we're doing here for ppc or
> did you want it to set the style using this generic hook?

The idea was to define the new command as exposing objdump's -M option:

  -M, --disassembler-options=OPT Pass text OPT on to the disassembler

It happens that on power that allows only changing the cpu.  Whereas
for ARM that tweaks other things.  x86 has options for both cpu and
syntax.  See what an --enable-targets=all build of
objdump says in its --help:

The following ARM specific disassembler options are supported for use with
the -M switch:
  reg-names-special-atpcs  Select special register names used in the ATPCS
  reg-names-atpcs          Select register names used in the ATPCS
  reg-names-apcs           Select register names used in the APCS
  reg-names-std            Select register names used in ARM's ISA documentation
  reg-names-gcc            Select register names used by GCC
  reg-names-raw            Select raw register names
  force-thumb              Assume all insns are Thumb insns
  no-force-thumb           Examine preceding label to determine an insn's type

The following PPC specific disassembler options are supported for use with
the -M switch:
 403, 405, 440, 464, 476, 601, 603, 604, 620, 7400, 7410, 7450, 7455,
 750cl, 821, 850, 860, a2, altivec, any, booke, booke32, cell, com,
 e200z4, e300, e500, e500mc, e500mc64, e5500, e6500, e500x2, efs, power4,
 power5, power6, power7, power8, power9, ppc, ppc32, ppc64, ppc64bridge,
 ppcps, pwr, pwr2, pwr4, pwr5, pwr5x, pwr6, pwr7, pwr8, pwr9, pwrx,
 spe, titan, vle, vsx, htm, 32, 64

The following i386/x86-64 specific disassembler options are supported for use
with the -M switch (multiple options should be separated by commas):
  x86-64      Disassemble in 64bit mode
  i386        Disassemble in 32bit mode
  i8086       Disassemble in 16bit mode
  att         Display instruction in AT&T syntax
  intel       Display instruction in Intel syntax
              Display instruction in AT&T mnemonic
              Display instruction in Intel mnemonic
  addr64      Assume 64bit address size
  addr32      Assume 32bit address size
  addr16      Assume 16bit address size
  data32      Assume 32bit data size
  data16      Assume 16bit data size
  suffix      Always display instruction suffix in AT&T syntax
  amd64       Display instruction in AMD64 ISA
  intel64     Display instruction in Intel64 ISA

... and more for other archs.

Pedro Alves

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