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Re: [PATCH 0/7] ARC: Change max instruction length to 64 bits

Hi Claudiu,

On 26/10/16 15:46, Claudiu Zissulescu wrote:
> This is a sizeable patch, did u check if Linux builds and runs after applying your patch. Also did you tested it for 32-bit machines?

Thanks for the quick suggestions. I note a couple of things:

- Testing the sourceware master with a 32-bit machine currently fails
one of the tests, nps400-6. I don't know when that failure started
appearing as I don't usually test on 32-bit machines, but I will start
doing so to avoid failures that don't manifest on 64-bit from creeping in.

- Testing these patches on 32-bit does introduce an additional 2
failures, but the fix is quite simple (just two places where a 64-bit
value was truncated to 32 bits).

Next, I will:

- Try and provide a patch that is independent of this series to fix the
failure in nps400-6 on 32-bit.

- Revise this series of patches to fix the truncation issue mentioned above.

- Test building and booting an ARC Linux kernel. I don't presently have
a setup for doing this, so I expect this to take me some time. Is there
a particular setup/configuration that you would be interested in being

Once I've tested booting Linux I'll post the revised series of patches.

Many thanks,

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