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Re: Binutils/gas/ld port for RISC-V

Hi Andrew,

> We'd like to submit for inclusion in Binutils a port for the RISC-V
> architecture. 

Thanks very much for submitting these patches.  Before going any further
though, I have to ask: do all of the authors of these patches have FSF
binutils copyright assignments in place ?  I see that SiFive have an 
assignment, but are there any other authors involved in this work, and if
so, do they have copyright assignments ?

The next question is: is someone volunteering to be a maintainer for this
port ?  A port without a maintainer is likely to bit-rot and eventually be
rendered obsolete.  On the other hand volunteering to be a maintainer 
should not be taken lightly as it does involve a commitment.

Lastly - are there publicly available documents describing the RISC-V ISA ?
It is handy to be able to refer to these if any questions arise about the
accuracy of the port.

I hope that these questions - and the patch reviews to follow - do not
put you off, and thanks once again for contributing to the binutils.

  Nick Clifton

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