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ld --exclude-libs


I'm trying to use --exclude-libs without any success. Only --eclude-libs ALL works as expected. I suppose I have done a mistake but I'm unable to fix it.

More exactly, I have to remove from an static executable all OpenSSL symboles. Thus, I have written :

g++ -g -O2 -malign-double -mieee-fp -Wall -funsigned-char -g -Wl,--export-dynamic -Wl,--exclude-libs,../tools/openssl-1.1.0b/libcrypto.a:../tools/openssl-1.1.0b/libssl.a -o rpl <all .o> <all .a>

Last command invoques ld and creates rpl executable, but this executable contains all symbols contained in both libcrypto.a and libssl.a :
schroedinger:[~/cvs/build/src] > readelf --syms -D rpl | grep SSL
 1348 334: 0000000000825070    43 FUNC    GLOBAL DEFAULT  14 OPENSSL_sk_set
1444 413: 000000000083fb80 161 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 14 OPENSSL_showfatal 1457 429: 00000000008908c0 476 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 14 OPENSSL_utf82uni 1555 506: 0000000000890aa0 572 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 14 OPENSSL_uni2utf8 1956 852: 00000000008528a0 7 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 14 OPENSSL_LH_error
 2057 934: 0000000000824da0   180 FUNC    GLOBAL DEFAULT  14 OPENSSL_sk_dup
2283 1154: 0000000000852090 116 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 14 OPENSSL_LH_strhash 2569 1377: 0000000001e5d874 4 OBJECT GLOBAL DEFAULT 30 OPENSSL_NONPIC_relocated

	Where is my mistake ?

	Best regards,


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