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[AArch64] Add OP parameter to aarch64-tbl.h macros

[AArch64] Add SVE condition codes

[AArch64] Add V8_2_INSN macro

[AArch64] Make more use of CORE/FP/SIMD_INSN

[AArch64] Reject -0.0 as an 8-bit FP immediate

[AArch64][SVE 00/32] Add support for the ARMv8-A Scalable Vector Extension

[AArch64][SVE 01/32] Remove parse_neon_operand_type

[AArch64][SVE 02/32] Avoid hard-coded limit in indented_print

[AArch64][SVE 03/32] Rename neon_el_type to vector_el_type

[AArch64][SVE 04/32] Rename neon_type_el to vector_type_el

[AArch64][SVE 05/32] Rename parse_neon_type_for_operand

[AArch64][SVE 06/32] Generalise parse_neon_reg_list

[AArch64][SVE 07/32] Replace hard-coded uses of REG_TYPE_R_Z_BHSDQ_V

[AArch64][SVE 08/32] Generalise aarch64_double_precision_fmovable

[AArch64][SVE 09/32] Improve error messages for invalid floats

[AArch64][SVE 10/32] Move range check out of parse_aarch64_imm_float

[AArch64][SVE 11/32] Tweak aarch64_reg_parse_32_64 interface

[AArch64][SVE 12/32] Make more use of bfd_boolean

[AArch64][SVE 13/32] Add an F_STRICT flag

[AArch64][SVE 14/32] Make aarch64_logical_immediate_p take an element size

[AArch64][SVE 15/32] Add {insert,extract}_all_fields helpers

[AArch64][SVE 16/32] Use specific insert/extract methods for fpimm

[AArch64][SVE 17/32] Add a prefix parameter to print_register_list

[AArch64][SVE 18/32] Tidy definition of aarch64-opc.c:int_reg

[AArch64][SVE 19/32] Refactor address-printing code

[AArch64][SVE 20/32] Add support for tied operands

[AArch64][SVE 21/32] Add Zn and Pn registers

[AArch64][SVE 22/32] Add qualifiers for merging and zeroing predication

[AArch64][SVE 23/32] Add SVE pattern and prfop operands


[AArch64][SVE 25/32] Add support for SVE addressing modes

[AArch64][SVE 26/32] Add SVE MUL VL addressing modes

[AArch64][SVE 27/32] Add SVE integer immediate operands

[AArch64][SVE 28/32] Add SVE FP immediate operands

[AArch64][SVE 29/32] Add new SVE core & FP register operands

[AArch64][SVE 30/32] Add SVE instruction classes

[AArch64][SVE 31/32] Add SVE instructions

[AArch64][SVE 32/32] Add SVE tests

Re: [binutils-gdb] Prevent a seg-fault in gprof when parsing a corrupt

Re: [binutils][PATCH] Avoid zero-length VLAs.

[committed 0/4] MIPS/BFD: LA25 stub generation fixes

[committed 1/4] MIPS/BFD: Set the ISA bit in microMIPS LA25 stub references

[committed 2/4] MIPS/BFD: Add microMIPS annotation to LA25 stub symbols

[committed 3/4] MIPS/BFD: Actually produce short microMIPS LA25 stubs

[committed 4/4] MIPS/LD/testsuite: Verify microMIPS LA25 stub generation

[committed, PATCH] Check the external compression header size

[committed, PATCH] X86: Add ptwrite instruction

[committed] PR ld/15428: MIPS/LD/testsuite: Un-KFAIL `__ehdr_start' test 2

[gold commit] Fix extraneous complaints about missing expected TLS relocation (i386)

[gold commit] PR 20216: Fix extraneous complaints about missing expected TLS relocation

[gold] 2.27 generates GOT where 2.26 did not

[GOLD] Add debug output for ppc64 section grouping

[GOLD] correct grouping of ppc64 stubs

[GOLD] Further tidy to powerpc can_add_to_stub_group

[gold][powerpc] PR gold/20529 - relaxing loop never ends

[PATCH 0/3] Support AARCH64 ILP32 for gdb

[PATCH 0/5] Fixes / improvements to ARC BFD target support.

[PATCH 1/3] Move AARCH64 ILP32 rejection handling

[PATCH 1/5] Fixes to legacy relocations.

[PATCH 2/3] Add ILP32 support to gdb.

[PATCH 2/5] Content for TLS_IE_GOT not written to .got.

Re: [PATCH 2/5] Content for TLS_IE_GOT not written to .got.

[PATCH 3/3] Handle ILP32 AARCH64 correctly for gdbserver

[PATCH 3/5] Several fixes related to ARC PIE support.

[PATCH 4/5] Fixed -init, -fini linker options.

[PATCH 5/5] Dynamic TLS GOT entries would not be relocated.

[PATCH v2] [Gold,MIPS] Detect 64-bit MIPS targets

Re: [PATCH, binutils-gdb, ARM] Assert we don't access htab->stub_group out of range

Re: [PATCH, binutils/ARM, ping] Remove _S version or MSR/MRS special registers in binutils 2.27

[PATCH, binutils/ARM] Add missing ARMv8-M special registers

[PATCH, binutils/ARM] Reduce parameter list in bfd_elf32_arm_target_relocs

[PATCH, binutils/ARM] Remove _S version or MSR/MRS special registers

RE: [Patch, ping][Gold] BE8 for ARM

[PATCH] [ARC] C++ compatibility for arc-dis.h

[PATCH] [ARC] Parse NOTE section in core dump files

[PATCH] [Gold,MIPS] Detect 64-bit MIPS targets

[PATCH] [gold] Implement -z stack-size option

[PATCH] [gold] Implement HIDDEN syntax in linker scripts

[PATCH] [SPARC] opcodes, gas: fix mnemonic of camellia_fl

Re: [PATCH] Allow R_SPARC_32 on sparc64

[PATCH] Fixed issue with NULL pointer access on header var.

Re: [PATCH] gold: Fix segfault on sparc with STT_SPARC_REGISTER and --gc-sections

[PATCH] Made tests to XFAIL for arc*-*-elf32.

Re: [PATCH] PowerPC VLE changes

Re: [PATCH] PR gold/17704

[PATCH] PR gold/20462: Fix bogus layout on ARM with linker script using PHDRS clause

[PATCH] PR ld/20436: Skip LTO tests for --disable-plugin

[PATCH] PR ld/20515: i386: Issue an error on non-PIC call to IFUNC in PIC object

Re: [PATCH] R_SPARC_GOTDATA_OP_LOX10 should fall back on GOT10 not GOT13

[PATCH] S390: Add support for core dump NOTE sections

[PATCH] S390: Indentation fixes in elf32/64-s390.c

[PATCH] Support -pie for arm*-eabi targets.

[Patch][gas][arm] Diagnose unpredictable mrrc, mrrc2 etc instructions

Re: [Patch][Gold] BE8 for ARM

Re: [PATCH][gold] Extend support of INPUT and GROUP commands to linker scripts added with -T.

Re: [PATCH][gold] Handle ARM-specific --target1-abs, --target1-rel and --target2 options.

Re: [RFC PATCH, binutils, ARM 10/11, ping] Add support for creating ARM v8-M secure extensions import libraries

Re: [RFC PATCH, binutils, ARM 10/11] Add support for creating ARM v8-M secure extensions import libraries

Re: [RFC PATCH, binutils, ARM 11/11, ping] Add support for stable secure gateway veneers addresses

Re: [RFC PATCH, binutils, ARM 8/11, ping3] Add support for ARMv8-M Secure Gateway veneer generation

ABI, I don't get it...

Adjust VLE testsuite

Binutils 2.27 linked statically to libintl

binutils 2.27 released

Broadcom XLP support

Commit: Allow relro to be enabled by default on AArch64, ARM and Score.

Commit: Avoid linker testsuite warnings about missing compilers

Commit: Close memory leaks in chew

Commit: Fix memory leak in chew

Re: Compact EH Support

Diagnostics for missing libraries in DSOs

Error on unsupported PowerPC ifuncs

Fix commit 980aa3e6

Fix duplicate FAILs from ld testsuite

GNU AS for ARM help

GNU Tools Cauldron, 9-11 September 2016, Hebden Bridge UK

Ignore symbols defined in SHF_EXCLUDE sections

FW: Is there bug in elf64_alpha_copy_indirect_symbol() of binutils/bfd/elf64-alpha.c?

Is there bug in elf64_alpha_finish_dynamic_sections() of binutils/bfd/elf64-alpha.c? //new bug-2

Issue with objcopy, removal of sections, and adjustment of unrelated sections

Lack of SHF_GROUP sections result in ld segfault

Linker generating incorrect sh_info values for .dynsym section

Re: New Swedish PO file for 'bfd' (version 2.24.90)

Passing AM_CFLAGS to CC_FOR_BUILD compiler leads to errors when cross-compiling

powerpc ld configure

PowerPC VLE sh_flags and p_flags

PowerPC64 ELFv1 undefined weak functions

PowerPC64 ld segfault with branch in non-executable sections

PowerPC64, correct grouping of stubs for ld.bfd

PowerPC64, Don't copy weak symbol dyn_relocs to weakdef.

PR 20472, PowerPC64 ifunc confusion

PR20531, ppc apuinfo for spe parsed incorrectly

R_OR1K_GOTOFF_* relocations

Replacement for the .stabs directive

RFC: Move .shstrtab to end of section list


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