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Re: [AArch64][SVE 32/32] Add SVE tests

On 30/08/16 22:23, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> "Richard Earnshaw (lists)" <> writes:
>> On 23/08/16 10:31, Richard Sandiford wrote:
>>> This patch adds new tests for SVE.  It also extends diagnostic.[sl] with
>>> checks for some inappropriate uses of MUL and MUL VL in base AArch64
>>> instructions.
>>> OK to install?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Richard
>>> gas/testsuite/
>>> 	* gas/aarch64/diagnostic.s, gas/aarch64/diagnostic.l: Add tests for
>>> 	invalid uses of MUL VL and MUL in base AArch64 instructions.
>>> 	* gas/aarch64/sve-add.s, gas/aarch64/sve-add.d, gas/aarch64/sve-dup.s,
>>> 	gas/aarch64/sve-dup.d, gas/aarch64/sve-invalid.s,
>>> 	gas/aarch64/sve-invalid.d, gas/aarch64/sve-invalid.l,
>>> 	gas/aarch64/sve-reg-diagnostic.s, gas/aarch64/sve-reg-diagnostic.d,
>>> 	gas/aarch64/sve-reg-diagnostic.l, gas/aarch64/sve.s,
>>> 	gas/aarch64/sve.d: New tests.
>> I noticed while quickly going over this patch that there are some more
>> cases where error messages use 'should' when 'must' is more appropriate.
>>  Can we please ensure that these are fixed as well.
> Apart from the one you noticed in patch 27 (which I'll fix), these
> come from pre-existing messages that are automatically extended to new
> operand types.  Is it OK to change them as a follow-on patch?  If so,
> I'll do it for all messages, rather than just touch the ones that
> affect SVE.

Yes, that's fine.


> Thanks,
> Richard

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