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RE: Broadcom XLP support

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Maciej W. Rozycki []
> Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2016 5:07 PM
> Cc: ''
> Subject: Re: Broadcom XLP support
> Hi Andy,
> > {standard input}: Assembler messages:
> > {standard input}:215: Error: unrecognized opcode `msgsnds $3,$4'
> > {standard input}:280: Error: unrecognized opcode `msgsnds $3,$4'
> > {standard input}:339: Error: unrecognized opcode `msgsnds $3,$4'
> > {standard input}:361: Error: unrecognized opcode `msgsnds $3,$4'
> > {standard input}:420: Error: unrecognized opcode `msgsnds $3,$4'
> > {standard input}:442: Error: unrecognized opcode `msgsnds $3,$4'
> > {standard input}:490: Error: unrecognized opcode `msglds $2,$4'
> > {standard input}:558: Error: unrecognized opcode `msglds $2,$4'
> >
> > The only thing that changed was my patch to binutils, so, I'm expecting
> > that I screwed something up/left something out.  If you have anything
> > that could help me out to figure this out, I would appreciate it.
>  Make sure INSN_XLP is set to something sane too.  Unlike E_MIPS_MACH_XLP
> it's a part of an internal API only, so you only need to make sure it is
> unambiguous and that it does not overlap with INSN_ISA_MASK.
>  I think it's as much guidance I can give you for an external patch.  If
> you want proper support (and E_MIPS_MACH_XLP fixed in the ABI), then I
> suggest persuading Broadcom to submit their change properly for inclusion
> with FSF sources.  I'll be happy to review it.

It was set to the same thing as INSN_OCTEON3.  I'm guessing that is not
exactly desirable.

After changing it, however, I get the same thing.


The toolchain that Broadcom builds is a 20+ hour build.  We got it to build
a couple of years ago, but due to the length of time required to build the
sucker, we packaged up the resulting toolchain and wrapped a Makefile around
it as to not have to build it again.

I'm looking for the build of their binary toolchain, but cannot remember how
we did that early on (2+ years ago).  I'm afraid we lost that ability when
another on my team lost a hard drive before we had a chance to copy the work
into our VCS.

Otherwise, there are missing entries in various files in binutils -- missing
from what the XLR has in it.  Since these are closely related, I should be
able to figure out what to put where for the XLP in those missing locations.
Doing that, nearly from scratch (using Khem Raj's patch), should grant me the
copyright for the code, though IANAL...

Trudging onward,

>  HTH,
>   Maciej

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