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RE: Broadcom XLP support


> > you want proper support (and E_MIPS_MACH_XLP fixed in the ABI), then I
> > suggest persuading Broadcom to submit their change properly for inclusion
> > with FSF sources.  I'll be happy to review it.
> On this score, they did.  I believe they contracted the toolchain changes
> through someone like codesourcery.  The primary guy that knew about this
> processor recently resigned from Broadcom, whether the new people
> have the inclination to push back to you is unknown.  It appears that
> the contractor for the toolchain pushed back to openembedded in place
> of directly to you.  If I were to give you the original patch against
> 2.24, would that be acceptable to you?

 For changes to be accepted the copyright needs to be assigned to FSF and 
therefore only a copyright holder can submit a change for inclusion with 
our sources.

 If you hold the copyright to this change and have a copyright assignment 
in place with FSF or if someone else holding the copyright has previously 
submitted the change to this mailing list while having a copyright 
assignment in place with FSF, then we can start from there.  Otherwise you 
need to go back to Broadcom I'm afraid and ask them to assign the 
copyright for this change to FSF.  If CodeSourcery was involved in making 
this change, then you might also try asking them to tell you what the 
status is, and who actually holds the copyright.

 Once this has been completed we can sort out the technical details, 
there's no need for anyone from Broadcom to make actual changes to code 
submitted if there are any issues with it, we can handle it ourselves.



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