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Re: [PATCH, binutils] Fix implib test failures

Hi Thomas,

  Thanks for seeing this through.

> Is this ok for trunk?

  I do have a couple of points to make on the patch:

+# These targets use bfd_elf_final_link rather than bfd_generic_final_link
+# and thus do not have support for ELF import library

  I think that you have this the wrong way around.  The targets are using 
  bfd_generic_final_link rather than bfd_elf_final_link and hence are missing
  the import library support.

+setup_xfail "am33lin-*-*" "d30v-*-*" "dlx-*-*" "i960-*-*" "m68hc1x-*-*"
+setup_xfail "m88k-*-*" "pj-*-*" "score7-*-*" "sh64-*-*" "vxworks-*-*"

  There are other score targets apart from score7.  score-elf and score3-elf 
  for example.  How about score*-*-* instead ?

  Also vxworks is not a cpu/architecture name, so there will never be any
  targets that match vxworks-*-*.  Perhaps you meant: *-*-vxworks ?

+     "--out-implib=tmpdir/implib.lib" ""

  I found that adding "-e 0" to the linker options helped reduce the
  warning messages about the entry symbol not being defined.  It should
  not make any difference to the tests - the harness ignores the warning
  messages, but it makes the logs cleaner.


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