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[committed] MIPS: Verify the ISA mode and alignment of branch and jump targets

Verify that the ISA mode of branch targets is the same as the referring 
relocation, so that an attempt to produce a branch between instructions 
encoded in different ISA modes each causes an error rather than silently 
producing non-functional code.  Make sure that no symbol or addend bits 
are silently truncated: terminate with an error if the relocation value 
calculated cannot be encoded in the relocatable field of a branch; for
REL targets also applying to any intermediate addend.

Also make jump target's alignment verification consistent with that for 

This change will require an update to some obscure handcoded assembly 
sources which make branches to labels placed at data objects, however 
for microMIPS code only.  These labels will have to be updated with the 
`.insn' directive for containing code to assemble and link successfully.  
Such code is broken as any such labels have always been required by the 
microMIPS architecture specification[1][2] to be annotated this way for 
correct interpretation, and with our old code missing `.insn' directives 
caused labels to present different semantics depending on whether they 
were referred with branch (ISA bit ignored) or other relocations (ISA 
bit respected).

Enforcing these checks however will ensure errors in building software, 
like mixed regular MIPS and microMIPS code links with branches between, 
will be diagnosed at the build time rather than causing odd run-time 
errors such as intermittent crashes.  It will also let cross-mode BAL 
instructions be converted to JALX instructions, with a separate change.


[1] "MIPS Architecture for Programmers, Volume II-B: The microMIPS32 
    Instruction Set", MIPS Technologies, Inc., Document Number: MD00582,
    Revision 5.04, January 15, 2014, Section 7.1 "Assembly-Level 
    Compatibility", p. 533

[2] "MIPS Architecture for Programmers, Volume II-B: The microMIPS64
    Instruction Set", MIPS Technologies, Inc., Document Number: MD00594,
    Revision 5.04, January 15, 2014, Section 8.1 "Assembly-Level 
    Compatibility", p. 623

	* elfxx-mips.c (b_reloc_p): Add R_MICROMIPS_PC16_S1, 
	(branch_reloc_p): New function.
	(mips_elf_calculate_relocation): Handle ISA mode determination
	for relocations against section symbols, against absolute 
	symbols and absolute relocations.  Also set `*cross_mode_jump_p' 
	for branches.
	<R_MIPS16_26, R_MIPS_26, R_MICROMIPS_26_S1>: Suppress alignment
	checks for weak undefined symbols.  Also check target alignment 
	within the same ISA mode.
	<R_MIPS_PC16, R_MIPS_GNU_REL16_S2>: Handle cross-mode branches 
	in the alignment check.
	<R_MICROMIPS_PC7_S1>: Add an alignment check.
	<R_MICROMIPS_PC10_S1>: Likewise.
	<R_MICROMIPS_PC16_S1>: Likewise.
	(mips_elf_perform_relocation): Report a failure for unsupported 
	same-mode JALX instructions and cross-mode branches.
	(_bfd_mips_elf_relocate_section) <bfd_reloc_outofrange>: Add 
	error messages for jumps to misaligned addresses.

	* config/tc-mips.c (mips_force_relocation): Also retain branch
	relocations against MIPS16 and microMIPS symbols.
	(fix_bad_cross_mode_jump_p): New function.
	(fix_bad_same_mode_jalx_p): Likewise.
	(fix_bad_misaligned_jump_p): Likewise.
	(fix_bad_cross_mode_branch_p): Likewise.
	(fix_bad_misaligned_branch_p): Likewise.
	(fix_validate_branch): Likewise.
	etc.  Verify the ISA mode and alignment of the jump target.
	<BFD_RELOC_MIPS_21_PCREL_S2>: Replace the inline alignment check 
	with a call to `fix_validate_branch'.
	<BFD_RELOC_MIPS_26_PCREL_S2>: Likewise.
	<BFD_RELOC_16_PCREL_S2>: Likewise.
	<BFD_RELOC_MICROMIPS_16_PCREL_S1>: Retain the original addend.
	Verify the ISA mode and alignment of the branch target.
	(md_convert_frag): Verify the ISA mode and alignment of resolved
	MIPS16 branch targets.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/branch-misc-1.s: Annotate non-instruction 
	branch targets with `.insn'.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/branch-misc-5.s: Likewise.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/micromips@branch-misc-5-64.d: Update 
	* testsuite/gas/mips/micromips@branch-misc-5pic-64.d: Likewise.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/micromips-branch-relax.s: Annotate 
	non-instruction branch target with `.insn'.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/micromips.s: Replace microMIPS JALX targets
	with external symbols.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/micromips-insn32.d: Update accordingly.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/micromips-noinsn32.d: Likewise.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/micromips-trap.d: Likewise.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/micromips.d: Likewise.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/mips16.s: Annotate non-instruction branch 
	targets with `.insn'.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/mips16.d: Update accordingly.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/mips16-64.d: Likewise.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/mips16-dwarf2.s: Annotate non-instruction
	branch target with `.insn'.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/relax-swap3.s: Likewise.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/branch-local-2.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/branch-local-3.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/branch-local-n32-2.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/branch-local-n32-3.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/branch-local-n64-2.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/branch-local-n64-3.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-jump-1.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-jump-2.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-jump-3.d: New test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-jump-mips16-1.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-jump-mips16-2.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-jump-mips16-3.d: New test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-jump-micromips-1.l: New list 
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-jump-micromips-2.l: New list 
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-jump-micromips-3.d: New test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-1.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-2.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-3.d: New test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-r6-1.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-r6-2.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-r6-3.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-r6-4.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-r6-5.d: New test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-r6-6.d: New test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-mips16-1.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-mips16-2.l: New list test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-mips16-3.d: New test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-micromips-1.l: New list 
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-micromips-2.l: New list
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-micromips-3.d: New test.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/branch-local-2.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/branch-local-3.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/branch-local-n32-2.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/branch-local-n32-3.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/branch-local-n64-2.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/branch-local-n64-3.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-jump-1.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-jump-2.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-jump-mips16-1.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-jump-mips16-2.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-jump-micromips-1.s: New test 
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-jump-micromips-2.s: New test 
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-1.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-2.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-r6-1.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-r6-2.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-r6-3.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-r6-4.s: New test source.
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-mips16-1.s: New test 
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-mips16-2.s: New test 
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-micromips-1.s: New test 
	* testsuite/gas/mips/unaligned-branch-micromips-2.s: New test 
	* testsuite/gas/mips/mips.exp: Run the new tests.

	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/unaligned-jalx-1.d: Update error message 
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/unaligned-jalx-addend-1.d: Likewise.
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/unaligned-jalx-addend-mips16-1.d:
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/unaligned-jalx-addend-micromips-1.d:
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/unaligned-jalx-mips16-1.d: Likewise.
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/unaligned-jalx-micromips-1.d: Likewise.
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/undefweak-overflow.s: Add jumps, 
	microMIPS BAL and MIPS16 instructions.
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/undefweak-overflow.d: Update 
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/unaligned-branch-2.d: New test.
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/unaligned-branch-r6-1.d: New test.
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/unaligned-branch-r6-2.d: New test.
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/unaligned-branch-mips16.d: New test.
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/unaligned-branch-micromips.d: New test.
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/unaligned-jump-mips16.d: New test.
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/unaligned-jump-micromips.d: New test.
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/unaligned-jump.d: New test.
	* testsuite/ld-mips-elf/mips-elf.exp: Run the new tests.
[Patch attached compressed, due to its size.]

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