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Re: [PATCH] gas/arc: Don't rely on bfd list of cpu type for cpu selection

Claudiu Zissulescu wrote:

-  if (mach == -1)
-    goto bad_cpu;
+  if ((!strcmp ("ARC600", cpu))
+      || (!strcmp ("ARC601", cpu))
+      || (!strcmp ("A6", cpu)))
+    cpu_name = "arc600";
+  else if ((!strcmp ("ARC700", cpu))
+           || (!strcmp ("A7", cpu)))
+    cpu_name = "arc700";
+  else if (!strcmp ("EM", cpu))
+    cpu_name = "arcem";
+  else if (!strcmp ("HS", cpu))
+    cpu_name = "archs";
+  else if (!strcmp ("NPS400", cpu))
+    cpu_name = "nps400";
+  else
+    cpu_name = NULL;

I would prefer your (very) old proposal here than this. It is more flexible.


cpu have become hacks in silicon - adding removing altering features, claiming and revoking compatibility: and you/we may see this effecting base cpu without warning

HOWEVER that the example you cited is for existing CPU it works for so answer there is: leave it alone it works for those (or most of) :) it the CPU that aren't those which may be a problem.

it's safe to say avoid dependance without specific need and check otherwise - and defer to user to set it. i always have to select options anyhow since the span of features wished to support is is custom to release, and releases today are typically "one off", once off the shelf it is hardly supported further.

have a good summer, thanks

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