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Re: ARM mapping symbols and --strip-unneeded

On Friday 01 July 2016 10:39:30 Nick Clifton wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> > Since your commit fca2a38fdb391f810e309a12d5279047d4edac34 the binutils
> > test "strip without global symbol" started to fail for arm-none-eabi
> > targets.
> Sorry about that.  I had tested the patch, but only an isolated binutils
> build. This particular test needs an ARM compiler to be present, which was
> why I did not detect the problem before.

No worry, I would have hit the same issue had I done the testing myself.

> I have checked in a simple fix that marks the test as an expected failure
> for the ARM and AArch64 toolchains.  The issue is that the test expects all
> global symbols to be stripped from an object file, but the patch ensures
> that mapping symbols remain, thus invalidating the test.

I suspected a testism indeed. Could we have an ARM specific expected result? I 
am concerned that an XFAIL would mask a real regression in the future.

Best regards,


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