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RE: [committed] MIPS16/GAS: Fix delay slot filling across frags

On Thu, 30 Jun 2016, Matthew Fortune wrote:

> >  I have committed the change below then, with just a minor update to
> > your proposed code change to have the declaration and statements
> > separated from each other in the piece of code affected.  I decided your
> > test case was insufficient though, as I think we want to make sure not
> > only that code assembles successfully, but also that the same code is
> > produced with and without a listing requested as well, and that both 16-
> > bit and 32-bit
> > MIPS16 jump instructions are handled correctly across frags.
> Thanks Maciej. The extended test cases are definitely a good idea, this
> area seems fragile but fewer special cases in the code will be better.

 If you check how this code looked like as at 1e91584932ef^, then you 
may actually understand why whoever wrote this originally decided to 
keep the MIPS16 case separate and not to bother wiring it in to the 
general case.  It was a very good clean-up indeed made by Richard there.


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