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Re: [PATCH] PR gold/20310: Pass down LDFLAGS from top level for "make check"

> These 2 tests are sensitive to compiler version.  They pass with GCC
> prior to GCC 6 with and without -static-libstdc++ -static-libgcc.  With
> GCC 6, which is in Fedora 24, they fail on i686 (2 failures) and x86-64
> (1 failure).

For, when not using -static-libstdc++, the operator
delete(void*) function is defined in the shared C++ support library,
rather than in the main program. The test script is too aggressive in
checking for this symbol's presence among the exported symbols. This
patch removes the check for that symbol.

> BTW, if you run "make check" under gold, you always get LDLFAGS
> with  -static-libstdc++ -static-libgcc.  LDFLAGS is empty only when
> you run "make check" at top level.  It took me a while to figure it out.

Strange, but not really the problem here.


2016-06-29  Cary Coutant  <>

        PR gold/20310
        * testsuite/ (check): Remove check for _ZdlPv.

diff --git a/gold/testsuite/ b/gold/testsuite/
index 9611760..0dbd05a 100755
--- a/gold/testsuite/
+++ b/gold/testsuite/
@@ -38,7 +38,6 @@ check()

 check dynamic_list.stdout "main"            # comes via --dynamic-list
-check dynamic_list.stdout "_ZdlPv"          # "operator delete(void*)"
 check dynamic_list.stdout "_Z4t1_6v"        # t1_6()
 check dynamic_list.stdout "_ZN4t16aD1Ev"    # t16a:~t16a()
 check dynamic_list.stdout "_ZN4t16a1tEv"    # t16a:t()

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