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Re: [PATCH] Use `supports_gnu_unique' with the `unique_symbol' and `type' tests

Hi Maciej,

>  This has been regression-tested against the usual 162 targets.  OK to 
> apply?

Yes, please do.

>  While testing this I've noticed an `alpha-unknown-freebsd4.7' progression 
> has gone and this is due to your recent change with commit 96037eb0b8c2 
> ("Fix various binutils testsuite failures.") to exclude `alpha-*-*' from 
> `ar.exp' testing.  I think it is too broad, I think only non-ELF (ECOFF) 
> Alpha targets might have problems with `ar.exp' (except for the GNU unique 
> feature, handled here) as these tests used to pass for ELF targets like 
> `alpha-linux', `alpha-netbsd' or said `alpha-unknown-freebsd4.7'.  So I 
> think you have unnecessarily reduced coverage (assuming that any failures 
> for ECOFF were due to a shortcoming of that format rather than our bug).
>  I think updating the condition to say:
> if { [istarget "alpha-*-*"] && ![is_elf_format] } then {
>     return
> }
> will do, however, unfortunately, I'm still busy with 2.27 clean-ups, so I 
> can't even afford machine cycles for testing this refined update to your 
> sledgehammer approach -- will you therefore please look into it yourself?

Will do, and thanks for pointing this out.


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