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Re: [PATCH] gas/arc: Allow --with-cpu configure option to change default cpu

Hi Andrew,

> I see your concern here, however...
> If I move the option checking into ARC specific code, but still use
> AC_ARG_WITH to check for the argument then the help text will always
> show up for all targets.  Due to our use of AC_DISABLE_OPTION_CHECKING
> all --with-XXX type options will be accepted by our configure script,
> and as you point out, when this does not work this might confuse
> users.

OK, fair point.

> What if I changed the current patch to simply remove the help text for
> the --with-cpu option?

Well the problem with that is that we now have a silent configuration
option which only those in the know (or who have actually read the source
code) will be able to use.

Instead - how about a compromise:  We go with your original version of
the patch, but in the help text for the option we specifically mention
which targets support this option.  (Ie just ARC for now, but extendable
later on to other targets if they want it).


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