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Re: Releases 2.27 and 2.26.1

On 21.06.2016 20:47, Cary Coutant wrote:
>>>> I propose to turn on "-z relro" by default if supported.
>>> Isn't it kind of late to be considering this for 2.27?
>> When is it not late?
> I was just thinking that Tristan had wanted to make the branch last
> week, and this seems like a major change to do at the last second. My
> only concern is it may require some time to shake out any issues.
>>> And doesn't GCC already pass -z relro by default anyway where it's supported?
>> However, -z relro has been enabled in Fedora since
> Ah, right. I forgot it was a distro thing. (That's at least an
> argument in your favor, showing there's less potential for
> destabilization.)

This also is enabled by default for Ubuntu since a few years, and Debian is
adding this flag to it's LDFLAGS for packaging (but packages need to reflect it).

> If you're going to make the change in ld, we should probably also make
> it in gold as well. I believe -z relro is fine on all targets
> supported by gold.

Is there any chance to support the -push-state and -pop-state flags in gold?
it's a bit annoying that these flags were not added to gold in the first place.


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