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Re: [PATCH][gold] Mips: Add support for MIPS R6.

>> Did you have updated versions of the other two patches to send me, or
>> should I just apply the originals with my suggested changes?
> I have sent updated versions of these two patches.

Ah, yes, you did. Sorry, I was looking in the older thread, and didn't
notice the new thread with the change of subject [insert obligatory
gmail threading complaint]. I'll apply those today.

>> (Several places) More info would be useful in these error messages:
>> object file, section name, offset.
> Those information will be produced by code at the end of the
> Target_mips::Relocate::relocate method (case for STATUS_BAD_RELOC).

But you'll still print two separate error messages, one that just says
just "PC-relative load from unaligned address", and a second with
details that says "relocation cannot be applied". How about simply
returning a new STATUS_PCREL_UNALIGNED code, then print a single error
message at the end of relocate::relocate() that's more to the point?
You can save STATUS_BAD_RELOC for the generic "unexpected opcode while
processing relocation".


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