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Re: [PATCH, AARCH64] align long branch stubs


for the attachment, see

On Thu, Jun 2, 2016 at 10:16 PM, Jim Wilson <> wrote:
> I got a bug report from Qualcomm that says if you set the A bit in the
> SCTLR register, to trap on unaligned accesses, their code fails,
> because the toolchain itself is emitting unaligned data accesses.
> The problem stems from a pair of patches from Marcus Shawcroft added
> over a year ago.
> The stub support makes a bit of effort to try to align everything to
> an 8 byte boundary, as the size of every stub is rounded up to a
> multiple of 8 bytes.  However, this patch from Marcus adds a 4-byte
> branch instruction before the first stub, and sets the section
> alignment to 4 bytes instead of 8 bytes..  This causes everything to
> end up with 4-byte alignment instead of 8-byte alignment.  This is a
> problem for long branch stubs, as they contain a 64-bit address as
> data, which should be 8-byte aligned.
> You can see the problem in the linker testcase
> ld/testsuite/ld-aarch64/farcall-back.d which has
> 0000000000002034 <__bar3_veneer>:
>     2034:       58000090        ldr     x16, 2044 <__bar3_veneer\+0x10>
>     2038:       10000011        adr     x17, 2038 <__bar3_veneer\+0x4>
>     203c:       8b110210        add     x16, x16, x17
>     2040:       d61f0200        br      x16
>     2044:       ffffffd8        .word   0xffffffd8
>     2048:       00000000        .word   0x00000000
> and you can see that the first ldr is loading unaligned data from 2044.
> One way to fix this is to add a nop after the branch, and return
> section alignment to 8 bytes.  This is fairly simple, though it
> requires a lot of annoying testsuite changes.
> I'm concerned that this might be reintroducing the problem that Marcus
> was trying to fix though, as now we end up with an occasional 4-byte 0
> padding around the stub sections.  I tried adding a
> bfd_arch_aarch64_nop_filll function, but apparently that only works
> inside sections, not between sections.  It isn't clear why we need the
> branches around the stub sections though.  It isn't normal to expect
> code to fall through the bottom of a section except for
> ctod/dtor/init/fini sections, but a stub section should not appear in
> the middle of one of those, and if it did, it might be best to use
> init_array and fini_array instead, as these are better anyways.
> The attached patch implements the solution of adding a nop after the
> branch.  It passes a build and make check on an aarch64-linux-gnu
> system.
> Jim

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