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FYI - git hooks update on


Just a quick message to let everyone know I did a small update of
the version of the git-hooks that are running on
This is to bring it in line with the latest version which brought
the following changes:

  * Add support for hooks.disable-email-diff config option;
  * RFC2047-encode email fields if containing non-ASCII characters
  * Ignore the config for first-parent commits
    (this is so that people who develop on a no-email branch,
    then do a: rebase of no-email branch, push to no-email branch,
    get review and OK, merge to master (=fast-forward) and then
    push to master get to see their emails sent)
  * Add support for '(no-precommit-check)' keyword in revision log
    [this is meant to be used as a workaround in case of emergency,
    so should be avoided - probably irrelevant to us for now, as
    I don't think we have any style-check happening]
  * Removing some syslogging happening during normal operations:
     - when .gitattributes file is disabling style-checking on
       a given file being modified by a commit;
     - when a config disables all
    The rationale is that this is not an error condition, and that
    determining that information after the fact is easy.
  * Dramatic performance improvement for pushing commits that
    modify a large number of files (30secs down to 1sec for
    copyright-year update commit, which touches a few thousand

All these changes were tested within AdaCore for a while now,
and they have also all be valided by the hooks' extensive testsuite.
But do let me know if you detect any regression.


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