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Re: [PATCH] [ARC] Add missing variants of rflt instruction

Hi Nick,

Many thanks for taking a look at this.

> Did you test the patch ?
> I am pretty sure that you did and that there were no regressions,
> but it is nice to have that confirmed in the patch submission.
I have run the tests after building for ARC big- and small-endian, and
it did not introduce any regressions when running either.
> Also - just out of curiosity - do you happen to know why these versions
> of the rflt instruction were not implemented ?  I am just wondering if
> there was a good reason for the omission, or if it was just an accident,
> or if this the tip of an unimplemented instruction iceberg...
In the case of this particular instruction, missing these versions
appears to have been an oversight that I noticed whilst reviewing what
had already been implemented. However, there are quite a lot of other
instructions that still need to be implemented.
> Approved and applied.
Many thanks!

Best regards,

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