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[gold] alignment of static globals

To Whom it May Concern,

I am attempting to align symbols for .text, .rodata, .data, and .bss
through the means of creating my own linker script and passing it to
gold using -T. Symbols are aligned generally as:

. = ALIGN(0x10);
. = ALIGN(0x10);

for each of their respective sections.

So far most of my symbols have been aligned as desired. However, it
seems static uninitialized global variables are a corner case and do
not follow what is specified in the linker script. It also seems some
have different sizes (and classes? b vs. B) when comparing the NM of
static and non-static.

non-static NM for sample symbols
0000000000424000 0000000000000004 B fftblock
0000000000424004 0000000000000004 B fftblockpad

static NM for sample symbols
0000000050729b35 0000000000000001 b fftblock
0000000050729b38 0000000000000004 b fftblockpad

How can I enforce static uninitialized global variables to follow my
linker script (without just removing the static keyword)?? Can such
constraints be defined in the linker command language, or will I have
to modify the gold linker itself?? Note that the variable is
initialized and used extensively in the program, so it is not being
optimized out.

I have looked at specifying various "__attribute__"'s to the variables
but adding ((used)) or specifying a section did not resolve the

Many Thanks,

Krzysztof Jelesnianski

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