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[PATCH] Remove unsupported `am34-*-linux*' target triplet

The `am34-*-linux*' target cannot be configured for, `am34' is not a CPU 
name recognized by `config.sub'.  It has never been, required code has 
not been contributed to GNU config, neither before nor since the 
addition of the target triplet to our configury with commit bfff16424942 
("Add MN10300 linker relaxation support for symbol differences") back in 
2007.  Also there is no difference in actual tool configuration between 
the `am34-*-linux*' and `am33_2.0-*-linux*' targets, except from a 
different executable prefix and tooldir name.

Given the above remove the target triplet from our configuration.

	* config.bfd: Remove `am34-*-linux*' support.

	* configure.tgt: Remove `am34-*-linux*' support.
 OK to apply?


Index: binutils/bfd/config.bfd
--- binutils.orig/bfd/config.bfd	2016-05-15 20:37:56.000000000 +0100
+++ binutils/bfd/config.bfd	2016-05-16 11:09:26.351623196 +0100
@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ targ_cpu=`echo $targ | sed 's/^\([^-]*\)
 case "${targ_cpu}" in
 aarch64*)	 targ_archs="bfd_aarch64_arch bfd_arm_arch";;
 alpha*)		 targ_archs=bfd_alpha_arch ;;
-am34*|am33_2.0*) targ_archs=bfd_mn10300_arch ;;
+am33_2.0*)	 targ_archs=bfd_mn10300_arch ;;
 arc*)		 targ_archs=bfd_arc_arch ;;
 arm*)		 targ_archs=bfd_arm_arch ;;
 bfin*)		 targ_archs=bfd_bfin_arch ;;
@@ -272,7 +272,7 @@ case "${targ}" in
 #endif /* BFD64 */
-  am34-*-linux* | am33_2.0-*-linux*)
+  am33_2.0-*-linux*)
Index: binutils/ld/configure.tgt
--- binutils.orig/ld/configure.tgt	2016-05-15 21:29:31.000000000 +0100
+++ binutils/ld/configure.tgt	2016-05-16 11:09:38.383784341 +0100
@@ -545,7 +545,6 @@ mips*-*-sysv4*)         targ_emul=elf32b
 mmix-*-*)		targ_emul=mmo
-am34-*-linux*)		targ_emul=elf32am33lin ;;
 am33_2.0-*-linux*)	targ_emul=elf32am33lin ;;
 mn10200-*-*)		targ_emul=mn10200 ;;
 mn10300-*-*)		targ_emul=mn10300

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