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Re: [committed] SH64/GAS: Fix a -Wwrite-strings build failure

On Mon, 16 May 2016, Trevor Saunders wrote:

> >  Trevor, would you please run wide testing when making changes like your 
> > offending commit, which affect many targets?  While I do appreciate your 
> > janitorial work introducing build failures breaks bisection and generic 
> > testing run by other people, so I will appreciate your work even more if 
> > you try and keep things working.
> As I said when sending that patch I tested it built for all targets, and
> I've successfully built sh64-elf and sh64-linux several times since.
> However that error only occurs with --disable-nls which I didn't even
> really remember exists or expect would have any effect.

 Fair enough, and thanks for being dilligent with your testing.  Indeed I 
run my testing with `--disable-nls', which is what the script I've been 
using inherited from Alan's work, and never changed.  I suspect it was 
added for a reason -- Alan, do you happen to remember what you needed it 


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