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2.25 Backport Request of two testsuite related patches

[2.26 Backport Request][AArch64] Relax long branch veneer insertion for non STT_FUNC symbol

[AArch64] Create .got section if _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ referenced

[ARM] Add feature check for ARMv8.1 AdvSIMD instructions.

[ARM] Add FP16 feature extension for ARMv8.2 architecture

[ARM] Build attributes for ARMv8.1-A AdvSIMD

[BFD][AARCH64]Fix MOVW_SABS_G(0,1,2) relocation overflow check.

Re: [BUILDROBOT] Still warns on integer overflow in expression

[commit] [patch] elf64-s390.c: Fix -Werror=misleading-indentation

[committed, PATCH] [gold] Pass -mrelax-relocations=yes to $(TEST_AS)

[committed, PATCH] [i386] Check RegVRex in register_number

[committed, PATCH] Always create dynsym section with dynamic sections

[committed, PATCH] Make linker assigned symbol dynamic only for shared object

[committed, PATCH] PR gas/19520: [2.26 regression] R_386_GOT32X relocation breaks gcc bootstrap with non-gld/gold linker

[committed, PATCH] PR ld/19542: Performance penalty when linking chromium executable

[committed, PATCH] PR ld/19601: Wrong GOT offset used with GOT relocation

[committed, PATCH] PR ld/19609: Optimize x86 GOT32X/GOTPCRELX relocations

[committed, PATCH] PR ld/19615: [2.26 Regression] We can't no longer export a symbol in PIE with local binding

[committed, PATCH] PR ld/19698: [2.26 Regression] mysql qt4 driver plugin not able to open

[committed, PATCH] Remove duplicated marker for 2.26 in gas/NEWS

Re: [committed] Fix file truncated error from ld when outputting to non-regular file on hppa

[GAS][ARM][2/3]Add SE_H shape to represent fp16 type.

[GAS][ARM][3/3]Add armv8.2 fp16 scalar instruction support. [Based on SE_H instruction shape for .f16, u16, s16, .16 type specifier]

[gold commit] PR 18695: Add additional information to relocation overflow errors

[gold commit] PR 19577: Fix build failure in gold due to signed vs. unsigned comparisons

[gold commit] PR gold/19567: Fix overflow checking for 32-bit pc-relative relocations on x32

[gold commit] PR gold/19577: Fix compile errors about shift counts too large

[gold][aarch64] Silence info message for every erratum 843419 found and fixed

Re: [OPCODE][AARCH64]Check mapping symbol while backward searching for IT block

[OPCODE][ARM]Correct disassembler for cdp/cdp2, mcr/mcr2, mrc/mrc2, ldc/ldc2, stc/stc2

[OPCODES][ARM][1/3]Add armv8.2 fp16 instruction dissembler support.

[OPCODES][ARM]Fix mask for a few coprocessor opcodes.

[PATCH 0/4] Fix test failures for gas on epiphany

[PATCH 0/6] misc constification of strings

[PATCH 00/13] more constification of strings

[PATCH 01/13] output-file.[ch]: make a couple function arguments const

[PATCH 02/13] depend.c: make some function arguments const

[PATCH 03/13] remove some unnecessary calls to as_where ()

[PATCH 04/13] make as_where () return the file name

[PATCH 05/13] make some message function args const

[PATCH 06/13] make various variables in gas const

[PATCH 07/13] input-file: make some file name variables const

[PATCH 08/13] make {logical,physical}_input_file const

[PATCH 09/13] input-scrub: make some file name arguments const

[PATCH 1/2] Add x86_64-*-rtems* target

[PATCH 1/2] gold: Add view and view_size parameters to is_call_to_non_split.

[PATCH 1/4] epiphany/disassembler: Improve alignment of output.

[PATCH 1/6] constify decode_local_label_name::type

[PATCH 10/13] frags: make fr_file const

[PATCH 11/13] make expr_symbol_where () return a const file name

[PATCH 12/13] make more variables in gas const

[PATCH 13/13] make as_where () return const char *

[PATCH 2/2] Add aarch64-*-rtems* target

[PATCH 2/2] gold: Add s390 -fsplit-stack support.

[PATCH 2/4] gas/epiphany: Update expected register names in tests

[PATCH 2/6] listing.c: misc constification of strings

[PATCH 3.10 51/54] x86/asm/irq: Stop relying on magic JMP behavior for early_idt_handlers

[PATCH 3/4] epiphany/gas: Remove .l suffix from expected test results

[PATCH 3/6] messages.c: constify argument to as_internal_value_out_of_range ()

[PATCH 4/4] epiphany/gas: Update expected test results for 0 offset loads

[PATCH 4/6] stabs.c: misc constification

[PATCH 5/6] read.c: constify _bfd_rel::name

[PATCH 6/6] app.c: constify out_string

[PATCH ARC 1]: General fixes

[PATCH ARC 2]: Local symbols relocations cleanup

FW: [PATCH ARC] bfd/arc: Allow non-instruction relocations within .text sections

[PATCH ARC] Change default mach

Re: [PATCH v3] gold: Add Mips64 support.

[PATCH] [ARC] Add new ARC EM opcodes.

Re: [PATCH] [ARC] GAS: add instruction relaxation.

[PATCH] [ARC] GAS: allow CFI pseudo-ops.

[PATCH] [x86-64] Omit dynamic sections symbols

[PATCH] Add a missing break to readelf.c

Re: [PATCH] Add a test for PR ld/19162

[PATCH] Add a testcase for PR ld/18591

[PATCH] add const in more places

[PATCH] Add elf_x86_64_need_pic

Re: [PATCH] Add netbsd-core to optional backends

[PATCH] add section alignment/size hooks to gold plugin interface

[PATCH] add section alignment/size hooks to gold plugin interface, revised

[PATCH] add some const qualifiers in opcodes

[PATCH] allow targets to call do_alignment () directly

RE: [PATCH] bfd/arc: Allow non-instruction relocations within .text sections

[PATCH] cpu/opcodes: Sync up fr30.cpu and generated opcodes files

[PATCH] gas/ip2k: Add all instructions assembler test

[PATCH] gas/opcodes: Add initial arc nps400 support

[PATCH] gas: Update test results for big-endian arc targets

[PATCH] get_symbols() plugin API tweak to support --start-lib/--end-lib

[PATCH] get_symbols() plugin API tweak to support --start-lib/--end-lib.

[PATCH] make rebuffer_line () return void

[PATCH] make various variables const

[PATCH] Mention -mfence-as-lock-add=yes for x86 assembler

RE: [Patch] MIPS FDE deletion

Re: [PATCH] MIPS support for --hash-style=gnu

[PATCH] Move 'enum bfd_endian' to a non-generated header

Re: [PATCH] msp430: Set DWARF2_ADDR_SIZE to 4

[PATCH] opcodes/cgen: Rework calculation of shift when inserting fields

[PATCH] pe-mips.c: Fix -Werror=misleading-indentation

[PATCH] PR binutils/19547: Clear HAS_RELOC if there are no relocations

Re: [PATCH] PR gold/18695

Re: [PATCH] PR ld/18720: Properly merge hidden versioned symbol

[PATCH] PR ld/19553: Don't add DT_NEEDED for unmatched symbol

[PATCH] PR ld/19572: -Ttext-segment accepts out of range value

[PATCH] PR ld/19617: Always create dynamic sections for -E/--dynamic-list

[PATCH] PR ld/19636: [x86] Resolve undefweak and defined symbols in executable

[PATCH] PR ld/19636: pie changes program behavior and generate unnecessary dynamic symbols

[PATCH] PR ld/19645: Properly implement STT_COMMON

[PATCH] Remove BSF_COMMON from comments

[PATCH] remove docs for S_IS_EXTERN()

[PATCH] Replace $(ELF_DEPS) with $(ELF_X86_DEPS)

[PATCH] Set BFD compression bits in write_object_file

[PATCH] Set plt_got.offset to (bfd_vma) -1

[PATCH] Skip pr19539 test for cris*-*-* targets

[PATCH] Skip tests for common directive on hpux

[PATCH] split up epiphany's md_assemble ()

[patch] support reading DATA members in ILF format DLL import libraries

[PATCH] Update IFUNC tests for x32

[PATCH] Update to -z nodynamic-undefined-weak

[PATCH] xtensa: fix .init/.fini literals moving

[PATCH] xtensa: fix signedness of gas relocations

Re: [PATCH][ARC] TLS: Various fixes.

[PATCH][ARM][doc] Document cortex-a17 mcpu option

[PATCH][ARM][gas] Add support for Cortex-A32

[PATCH][GAS][ARM] Add support for Cortex-R8

[Ping] Re: [AArch64] Remove redundant calculation of plt stub destination for veneer

Re: [PING^2] [PATCH] PR gold/18609

[PR19620][GAS][AARCH64]Remove mov[z,k,n] relocation symbol name restriction.

Re: [RFA] [MIPS] Don't use $gp if abicalls are in effect

[RFA] Fix build issue for binutils on newer SunOS systems

Re: [RFA] fix for intel disassembly, truncated BFD_VMA

Re: [RFC PATCH, binutils] Add support for creating ELF import libraries

[RFC] [MIPS] Enable non-executable PT_GNU_STACK support

[RFC][GOLD] ARM: Add cantunwind when unwind info does not match start of section

Allow LD testsuite to use in-tree g++

Avoiding GOT in gold

Re: Binutils 2.26 released

Re: Can the automatic daily update commits be stopped, take 2

Commit: Allow numeric values for the flags and type fields in the .section directive

Commit: Fix

Commit: Microblaze: Fix building on a 32-bit host.

Commit: More gcc 6 compile time warning fixes

Commit: Remove ARM NOREAD section support from GAS

Commit: Remove specified_data_size field from ld_config_type

Commit: Skip eh-frame-hdr test for arc-elf

Commit: Sync top level files with GCC

Commit: Update list of MSP430 devices

Committed: fix ld-elf/pr19617b for cris-linux

Re: cross-compiling LM32 internal error while linking

ELF octets_per_byte

FDE with 0 PC range filtering for gold

Fix BFD format matching for x86_64-w64-mingw32 -m32 LTO

Fix powerpc64 -r --save-restore-funcs

Re: gnu-gabi group

Re: gnu-gabi group (Was: Re: Linux-abi group)

GNURX toolchain generates incorrect opcode for "mov.b #0xff, [r0]" instruction.

Re: gold: addend issues in

How can I remove a personal tag?

linker plugin api limitation

Linux-abi group

New failures for RR 19617 tests

Re: objcopy --nocompress-debug-sections

Patch "x86/asm/irq: Stop relying on magic JMP behavior for early_idt_handlers" has been added to the 3.10-stable tree

PowerPC64 ELFv2 entry code

Revert "ABS32"

Re: RFC -- add section alignment/size hooks to gold plugin interface

RFC: Should AArch64 *_NC relocs complain on overflow ?

Re: RFC: Use ELF strtab functions create .strtab section


Re: strip --strip-unneeded adds back section symbols

x86 synthetic plt symbols

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