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RE: cross-compiling LM32 internal error while linking


I can't reproduce the problem either. It would be useful to know exactly
what version of GCC you are using and how it was configured when you built
it. Perhaps use -save-temps and e-mail the intermediate files.


-----Original Message-----
From: Nick Clifton [] 
Sent: 15 February 2016 17:44
To: Federico Vaga
Subject: Re: cross-compiling LM32 internal error while linking

Hi Federico,

  I am sorry - I just cannot reproduce this failure. :-(  All my attempts
end up with a fully linked binary and no linker error messages.

  Please could you try adding -v to the end of your final gcc command line,
so that you can capture the linker command line ?  (It will probably
reference a program called "collect2" rather than the linker itself, but
that is OK.  It is the command line that I need).


PS Maybe it is the version of gcc that you are using ?  I am using gcc 6.0
from the current mainline development sources...

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