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Re: Commit: Remove ARM NOREAD section support from GAS


First to say that there was no hidden bad intention with regard to the
FSF goals since our objective is to support our customers in the usage
of our processors, by providing them free tools that they otherwise
would have to buy from a third-party that implements this feature.

On 02/04/16 12:57, Nick Clifton wrote:
   I am applying the patch below to remove support for ARM's NOREAD
   section attribute from the assembler.  I am not sure what I was
   thinking when I approved the patch, but it certainly was not about the
   spirit of the FSF and what it is trying to achieve.  Supporting a
   feature which is deliberately about hiding code from the user is
   definitely not something that the FSF wants to promote.

Then, coming to the NOREAD feature by itself, I would say that it is
in the same spirit as the TrustZone whose support is widely accepted
(and even currently upgraded with the arm v8-m recent patches) within
the binutils.

   Thanks to Alan Modra for calling me up on this, and my apologise to
   all FSF supporters for my lack of judgement in originally approving
   the NOREAD patch.

Alan and Nick, could you please help me to understand your point of
view in this regard, because, as I said, NOREAD is in the same spirit
as the widely supported TrustZone ?


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