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Re: strip --strip-unneeded adds back section symbols

Hi Andrei,

It appears that recent binutils (earliest version I have is 2.24)
unconditionally add back section symbols when copying sections.

Please could you file a bug report about this in the binutils bugzilla system:

I verified that filter_symbols() in strip actually removes everything
from source module, and symbol table reappears deep in call chain
initiated by copy_section(), where STT_SECTION is unconditionally
added for every present section.

Was this change intentional?

Yes and no.  The change to add a section symbol to any newly created section was intentional.  This is helpful for a variety of reasons, not least being able to create relocations against that symbol.

The side effect of adding a symbol when actually trying to strip unneeded symbols was unintentional, and is a bug.  I have not investigated yet, but I suspect that the simplest solution will be to make strip rerun its symbol removing pass after having copied all of the sections.


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