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Re: Commit: Expect extract symbol test to fail for MIPS

On Wed, 13 Jan 2016, Nick Clifton wrote:

>   I have decided not to pursue my idea for "fixing" the
>   --extract-symbols operation of objcopy so that it preserves target
>   specific sections.  The operation is only intended to be used for
>   generating VxWorks symbol files, so creating invalid MIPS ELF binaries
>   should not matter.

 I did some investigation actually as I noticed this new failure a few 
weeks ago, and I have a change in progress I haven't yet had time to 
complete.  I came to the conclusion in the MIPS case empty `.reginfo', 
`.MIPS.options' and `.MIPS.abiflags' sections should simply be discarded 
(i.e. preferebly not created in output in the first place and ignored if 
seen) as they are meaningless anyway.  Otherwise we end up with broken ELF 
files we cannot handle anymore, not even `objcopy' them to fix that.

>   Instead I am applying the patch below (mainline and 2.26 branch) to
>   mark the extract symbols test as an expected failure for the MIPS
>   target.

 So obviously I'll now have to revert this change along the proper fix.


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